Digital Impressions

At Crosslake Dental Center P.A., we are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced dental care, which is why we have integrated digital impressions into our practice. This innovative technology marks a significant improvement over traditional impression methods, enhancing your experience and the quality of your dental care.

What Are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions use cutting-edge technology to create a highly accurate digital map of your mouth. This process involves using a special scanner to quickly and comfortably capture detailed images of your teeth and gums. With digital impressions, our dentist can:

  • Precisely measure your oral structures
  • Create accurate models for dental restorations like crowns, bridges and aligners
  • Eliminate the need for uncomfortable traditional molds

Benefits of Digital Impressions

  • Increased Comfort: Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional gooey dental molds.
  • Greater Precision: Ensures a better fit and more effective treatment outcomes.
  • Time Efficiency: Quicker than traditional methods, reducing your time in the dental chair.
  • Enhanced Visualization: Allows you and your dentist to view your dental impressions in real-time.

Experience the Difference With Digital Impressions

For a more comfortable and precise dental impression experience, contact us at 218-692-4849. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kiersten Masello to discover how our digital impressions in Crosslake, Minnesota, can improve your dental care.