Mini Dental Implants for Denture Retention

At Crosslake Dental Center P.A., we understand the importance of comfortable and stable dentures. That is why we offer mini dental implants, an innovative and less invasive solution for denture retention. Our esteemed dentist and team is dedicated to improving your oral health and quality of life with this advanced dental technology.

What Are Mini Implants?

Mini implants are a smaller and more streamlined alternative to traditional dental implants. They are specifically designed for denture stabilization and involve:

  • Smaller diameter implants, requiring less bone structure
  • Minimally invasive procedure with reduced healing time
  • Immediate stabilization of dentures

Your Journey to Improved Denture Stability

Choosing mini implants at our practice includes:

  • Personalized Assessment: We evaluate your oral health and discuss the suitability of mini implants for your needs.
  • Precise Implant Placement: Utilizing advanced techniques, we place the mini implants with precision and care.
  • Denture Adjustment: We modify your existing dentures or create new ones to fit securely over the implants.
  • Guided Aftercare: We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and support your recovery for optimal results.

Benefits of Mini Implants for Denture Retention

  • Less invasive procedure compared to conventional implants
  • Shorter healing and recovery time
  • Immediate improvement in denture stability
  • Preserves jawbone and oral health
  • Enhances comfort and functionality of dentures

Experience the Difference With Mini Implants

If you are struggling with loose or uncomfortable dentures, mini dental implants in Crosslake, Minnesota, might be the solution you need. Contact us at 218-692-4849 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kiersten Masello and let us help you rediscover comfort and confidence in your smile!