Denture Post-Op Instructions

We are delighted to have been part of your journey to a restored smile. To ensure your comfort and the longevity of your new dentures, it is important to follow these post-operative instructions closely.

Aftercare Guidelines for New Denture Wearers

Adapting to your new dentures takes time and care. Here is what you need to know to make the transition as smooth as possible:

Initial Adjustment Period

  • Wear Time: Initially, wear your dentures as much as possible to get used to them, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable at first.
  • Speech Practice: Speaking may feel different. Practice reading aloud to quickly adapt.
  • Eating Adjustment: Start with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth.

Oral Hygiene Practices

  • Daily Cleaning: Clean your dentures daily using a soft-bristle brush and denture cleaner. Avoid using regular toothpaste as it can be abrasive.
  • Soaking Overnight: Soak your dentures in a cleaning solution or water overnight to maintain their shape.
  • Gum Care: Gently brush your gums, tongue and roof of your mouth every morning before putting in your dentures.

Dealing with Discomfort

  • Mild Soreness: Some discomfort is normal. Use a saltwater rinse to soothe sore gums.
  • Denture Fit: If soreness persists or your dentures feel loose, contact us for an adjustment.

Follow-Up Appointments

Regular checkups are crucial. Dr. Kiersten Masello will monitor the fit of your dentures and make any necessary adjustments.

Warning Signs to Watch For

  • Persistent pain or significant discomfort
  • Difficulty chewing or speaking after the initial adjustment period
  • Signs of infection like swelling or redness

Maintaining Overall Oral Health

Continue to visit us for regular dental checkups to maintain the health of your mouth and ensure the continued proper fit of your dentures.

Need Assistance? Contact Us!

If you have any concerns or questions about your new dentures, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 218-692-4849. At Crosslake Dental Center P.A., our dentist and team in Crosslake, Minnesota, are always here to support you.