Two-Step Replacement Dentures

At Crosslake Dental Center P.A., we are committed to restoring smiles with our specialized two-step replacement dentures. This process ensures not only a perfect fit but also maximum comfort and aesthetics. Our experienced dentist and dedicated team are here to guide you every step of the way, enhancing your oral health and rejuvenating your smile.

What are Two-Step Replacement Dentures?

Two-step replacement dentures are a comprehensive approach to denture fitting that involves two distinct phases:

  1. Initial Temporary Denture: After taking impressions of your mouth, we create a temporary denture. This step allows you to have a functional set of teeth immediately, while your gums and bone structure naturally reshape post-extraction.
  2. Final Permanent Denture: After a few months, once your mouth has fully healed and adjusted, we fit your final, permanent dentures. These are custom-made for the ultimate fit, function and appearance.

Your Journey to Perfect Dentures

Opting for two-step replacement dentures at our practice includes:

  • Personalized Consultation: We assess your needs and discuss the two-step process, ensuring clarity and understanding.
  • Precise Impressions and Fitting: Detailed impressions lead to a comfortable and accurate fit for both temporary and permanent dentures.
  • Adjustment Period: We provide guidance on adapting to your new dentures, with tips for speaking, eating and maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Final Customization: Your permanent dentures are tailored to the final shape of your gums, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting fit.

Benefits of Two-Step Replacement Dentures

  • A comfortable and functional solution immediately after tooth extraction
  • Time for your mouth to heal ensures the best fit for your permanent dentures
  • Personalized adjustments for optimal comfort and aesthetics
  • High-quality materials for durability and a natural look

Begin Your Path to a Revitalized Smile

If you are considering dentures, our two-step replacement process ensures the best possible outcome. Contact us at 218-692-4849 for a consultation with Dr. Kiersten Masello. Let us guide you towards a comfortable, functional and beautiful smile with our expertly crafted two-step replacement dentures in Crosslake, Minnesota. Your journey to a renewed smile and confidence starts here!