Periodontal Maintenance

At Crosslake Dental Center P.A., we believe in the power of proactive care, especially when it comes to your gums. Our periodontal maintenance program is specifically designed to prevent the progression of gum disease and to maintain the health of your gums after treatment. It is a crucial step in ensuring the longevity of both your oral health and overall wellbeing.

What is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a continuous treatment plan aimed at managing chronic periodontal disease. It is essential for patients who have undergone periodontal treatments like scaling and root planing or periodontal surgery. This ongoing care involves:

  • Regular deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line
  • Monitoring and assessing the health of your gums and teeth
  • Preventing the recurrence of periodontal disease
  • Identifying and addressing new oral health issues as they arise

Your Maintenance Program

Each periodontal maintenance visit includes:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Professional cleaning of your teeth and gums, focusing on areas beneath the gum line.
  • Comprehensive Examination: Checking for signs of gum recession, pocket depth changes and any other indicators of periodontal disease.
  • Personalized Care Plan: Adjusting your treatment plan as needed based on your current oral health status.

Benefits of Regular Periodontal Maintenance

  • Helps maintain optimal gum health
  • Reduces the risk of further periodontal disease progression
  • Identifies and addresses issues early
  • Supports overall dental health and hygiene

Commit to Your Gum Health

Maintaining healthy gums is a lifelong commitment. Contact us at 218-692-4849 to schedule an appointment for periodontal treatment in Crosslake, Minnesota, with Dr. Kiersten Masello. Our dentist and team is dedicated to providing you with the care and expertise you need to keep your gums healthy for years to come. Let us work together to protect your smile!